Paul Hoffert

      Paul Hoffert was born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA and is often described by friends and family as being “eccentric.” And while that might be an understatement – he once told those same friends and family that his backup plan was to join the Sinaloa Cartel – he is quick to put a smile on the face of a hater, and desires only to make you laugh until you piss your pants.

 While attending San Diego State University (ranked #1 party school by Playboy magazine) he wrote and directed eight short comic films, studied with playwright Stephen Metcalfe and social advocate Martha Lauzen, and eventually received his degree in Television and Film Production.

 Upon graduation, he made the treacherous 120-mile move to Los Angeles, and has found a new passion in acting and performance. He currently performs stand-up on random stages, studies at both The Groundlings School and Berg Studios, and was recently invited to perform at IO West. Bottom line: he is crushing it - just like the cans he crushes to make money to pay his rent.

 You’re probably asking yourself, “What makes Paul tic?” Well – aside from the fact that he is graceful like a swan yet agile like a cougar – he loves to surf, he is an expert-level rollerblader, and he’ll spit some wild ass freestyle rhymes if the cypher is crackin’!

 Paul is STOKED to be a part of Bitch Please Comedy, and looks forward to creating delightfully awesome content!


Leandra Ryan

     Leandra Ryan was born and raised in Dallas, TX.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Radio-TV-Film from the University of Texas at Austin.  Soon after her arrival in Los Angeles in 2010, Leandra fell head over heels in love with comedy.  If that sounds cheesy to you, wait until you see their engagement photos.  Your heart will melt. 

Leandra is basically obsessed with improv and sketch comedy.  She started her training years ago at The Groundlings School and has since graduated from the improv programs at both Upright Citizens Brigade and iO West.  Leandra is a performer on the iO West house sketch team Box Wine which recently won the last ever Sketch Cage Match on the Main Stage at iO West.  You can catch Box Wine every third Sunday of the month at 8 PM in the Del Close Theater at iO West.  Leandra has also performed as a guest actor in the popular sketch show Top Story! Weekly on the Main Stage at iO West.  

Leandra has been a member of many different improv teams in LA.  Her current team Wild Geese performs every Friday at 11 PM in the Del Close Theater at iO West.  She has performed in well over 200 improv shows at theaters all over LA, including Second City Hollywood, Upright Citizens Brigade, and the iO West Main Stage.  She studied sitcom technique with Lesly Kahn and audition technique at Margie Haber Studio.  Leandra has also done private commercial coaching with Killian McHugh and a master class with Jason Alexander (yes, that guy from Seinfeld). 

Outside of Bitch Please, Leandra’s credits include speaking roles in one TV show, three feature films, over 10 web series and online sketches (20+ individual episodes), and over 15 short films.  You can catch her in the new web series Wave in 2016.  She is also a professional level ballerina, a certified scuba diver, and she really, really, really loves cheese.

Samantha Clay

     Samantha Clay loves the comedy. She has been hilariously acting in LA since graduating from West Virginia University with a BFA in acting. Since moving to LA, she has studied with many instructors including Emmy nominated Gil Junger, film Director Paul Currie, and the legendary Groundlings Theater. She is currently at the Writing Lab level on her way to the coveted Sunday Company.  Samantha loves doing live improv and sketch comedy; she has performed at the Groundlings, IO West, The Clubhouse, and Neon Venus Art Theater. Theater will always be her first love. She is currently a member of Towne Street Theater group, and frequently performs with them at the Stella Adler Theater in Hollywood. On camera experience includes NBC's Community and How I Met Your Mother (Yes, it was a sex scene with Neil Patrick Harris and her gay friends have been super jealous ever since.), as well as starring in several short films, many many web series (not counting BPC), and a role in a super weird feature that no one should ever see.

While acting is Samantha's main focus, she loves to write as well. In college, she studied with playwright Frank Galliano. She wrote many sketches for her previous sketch group PETF, which performed half hour shows at IO West, and now writes most of Bitch Please's episodes. She's currently working on a some feature length films and shorts as well.  She produces and writes for Loud Noises, Inc.  another production company/web series.  Their first episode received over 10,000 views in the first week!     

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Bitch Please Comedy is a sketch comedy show created by Leandra Ryan and Samantha Clay two actresses living in Los Angeles.

We write, produce, and act in all of our bitchin' videos. Every episode is different. Every episode is quirky. But bitch please...don't act like this shit ain't funny!

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